5 surefire day starters


I wake up to my thyroid meds. Because, without them I am half the woman – or let me put it this way : with them I am half the grouch. Grrrrr…

Hormonal imbalances aside, how many of us ‘hit the ground running’ ? Entrepreneurship is all about self starting, but the problem arises when one needs to self start every damned day, day in and day out. Thus and therefore I am forever looking up for new tricks to kick ass. Mainly kick my ass out of bed and off to work with hopefully a whistle on my lips, and a swing on my hips!

Here are my top 5 surefire day starters :

1. Brush your teeth (5 mins)

Strange but true. Get a mint flavoured toothpaste. That’ll give you the kick. Sometimes I can feel the strong peppermint float right out of my eyes – and boom – I’m awake!

2. Save the best for first (3 mins)

Now this is the one step that requires prior preparation. Before you retire for bed the previous night – keep aside one thing that you want to read/see first thing in the morning. I save acceptance letters from editors to read first thing in the morning (I just mark them as unread on e-mail). I love to relive the kick and the excitement that comes from getting an acceptance. You can keep aside some good news – details of a big order, a super comment on your blog, a surprise love letter from your husband…whatever gives you the goosebumps or nearabouts 🙂

Details of a big order, a super comment on your blog, a surprise love letter from your husband…whatever gives you the goosebumps

3.10 mins of heartbeat up (errr…10 mins)

recite-32177-487065702-17p1dguI am not the get up and jump straight into a pool of cold water league yet. Which is why Step 2 comes before step 3 i.e. Activity. Get your amp up with some yoga/cardio/stretches/whatever-moves-your-boat. Remember the endorphins? Those itsy-bitsy mood enhancers. Yep. Work them out of their slumber.

4. Splash (10 mins)

Once you’ve worked up the sweat, and unless your air-conditioning is down to arctic (like mine is!) – get soaked. A quick wash, and you are smelling nice for the day. Hey – I’m not advocating a dip in essential oils here – just a quick hit of water – enough to wake up and energise the pores. It also gives one the feeling of starting the day on a clean slate (slate here being self – yeah?)

5. Drink up (1,2,3,4,5…mins)

Now (Yes now, and not as soon as you get out of bed) is the time to make a quick cup of tea/coffee/whichever-detox-drink-is-the flavour of the season. Sip on that.

And get down to business.

As you can see, the first five things do not involve, the dreaded to-do list or deep meditation or any such shenanigans. The best bet to get out of bed straight and bright – is to keep it simple. Mine takes 30 mins – give or take a few. The idea is to work out a routine that you can do in your sleep (hopefully while getting out of it).

What is your morning routine like? SPILL.



    • Thank you Swapna. Exercise – sigh! That nasty nasty thing that gets our goat each time. I have very rarely, if ever managed to exercise in the evening. I just work myself up into a froth think about ways not to do it! Best done in the morning :/

  1. Liked your blog design, orange is vibrant 🙂 After brush, i lazily read newspaper and facebook updates, then i drink lots of water and then milk/ coffee after sometime. Then watering plants, waking up my kid with lovely hugs and kisses 🙂

    • Thanks Mahathi. I know – orange right? The new black, if american TV is to be believed 😉 Given a choice, first thing in the morning I’d just hit the snooze button and go on scrolling down FB too!! Trying to break that habit though.That – and the chai habit. But baby steps, haan ..baby steps 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by. Cheers !

  2. I’m a first timer here, & i absolutely loved your (cheeky, witty) style of writing & your blog design 🙂 I loved idea no.1 (it always works in my case)…but with a super-active toddler by my side, most of the other ideas that you have suggested go for a toss 🙁 But right now we are super excited to do yoga together long with squats & some push-ups! Yes, my 21 month old absolutely loves to join me in my quickie workout session 🙂

    • Amu – welcome and thanks! Yoga is great, isn’t it 🙂 I love the days when I can do uninterrupted yoga – I feel so alive then! Squats and push-ups? Wow! That’s a whole different league for me. I feel your pain in the toddler department – I have a 13 month old monkey (though they are so cute no, they can be forgiven for being perpetual interrupters) and oh, I have a 7 year old who acts like she’s 17. Wine – I tell you – some days I just feel like waking up to wine 😉 (Kidding – mint toothpaste it is).
      Thanks again Amu for your comment and for dropping by. Have a great day.

  3. Nice one Nidhi! Brushing for me too is the first, then having some warm water with lemon/honey. Then if possible, exercise or if my daughter is up, then it gets pushed to after she leaves for school. My morning tea usually comes after that. I love your # 2 though. 🙂