Beauty Tips from the Kitchen



Ever wondered how our grandmas looked so darned good- back in the day when dressers were devoid of chemical-y creams that cost a bomb? Well, they’ve handed the beauty secrets down to you- all that it takes is a peep into your kitchen, a change of perspective and a ‘will’ to spice up your beauty salon (pun intended!)!

Whip on that apron and step into your very own ‘Home Salon’!

Olive Oil

This oil is the unrivalled ingredient not only in cooking but is in its use for skin and hair too. The anti-aging, antioxidant and moisturizing properties work wonders on all types of skin. The oil can be used all by itself when you’re rushed for time as a body wash, as a hair mask or for a face massage.

Image : Margenauer, Pixabay


The pure nectar from the flowers that the hard working bees have gathered should not be allowed to sit on your kitchen shelf. The antibacterial, anti-oxidant and humectant properties make this a priceless product in your beauty regime.


Image : Flickr user Breville USA


The benefits of this beautiful fruit can’t be stressed enough- consumed as lemonade it can cleanse your entire digestive system, flush out the kidneys, prevent inflammation in joints, reduce body temperature and work many more miracles on your body. The effect on your skin, hair and nails will be instantly visible when you’ve tried these recipes.

Image : Flickr user John Robinson


You can call term this your low cost Botox treatment. The nutrient rich fruit will feed your skin with so many good things and protect it from the ageing effects of free radicals.

Image : Justus Blumer, Wikimedia Commons


This starchy vegetable that you’re trying avoid turning into fries has amazing effects on your skin (provided you’re using them raw of course). Cut up a few slices and place them over your eyes to reduce the puffiness.


Image : Dezidor, Wikimedia Commons


An indispensable salad ingredient, a diuretic, a coolant, a toner cum astringent and so much more to the health, this vegetable is externally beautifying and internally refreshing to the body.

Image : Kaz, Pixabay

The biggest advantage of using things from your kitchen is that they’re fresh and natural – and typically cost much lesser than chemical concoctions. It’s your own organic spa to cook up a potion that will leave you looking good enough to eat (ah, ok – we ARE a bit cheesy like that 😉 )

DISCLAIMER : The information provided in this feature is checked for accuracy by our writers, however we do not take any responsibility for any adverse reactions caused because of using these remedies. Please consult a doctor before starting any home remedy.