Culturefest: Add Spring to your lifestyle with Pantone’s Colour Trends for 2017


We said we’d give you the low-down on the Pantone colour trends for 2017. So, here we are and we’ve got our dynamic dentist cum fashionista, Nimarta Chandok Bindra, to decipher the trends in a way only she can. We’ve got for you the colours you gotta love in 2017 and fabulous ideas on how you can add them to your life.

Pantone’s system of coded colours has been adopted by industries around the world. They present a Colour Trend of the Year (of course, after much research and debate) which is now a much looked-forward-to event. So, while Rose quartz and Serenity have been left far behind we embrace the Pantone Spring colour trends for 2017 – GREENERY.

Greenery symbolises REfreshing all that’s passed. It encourages us to revive, restore, renew, replenish, rejuvenate, regenerate and reinvigorate.

This summer is going to be all about choosing healthy and being nature-friendly influencing the entire spectra from food to clothes and interiors to travel.

Presenting to you  green summer trends inspired by the 10 colour palettes of 2017 as nominated by Pantone.

Bring the Colour Trends for 2017 into your life:

Trending CLOTHES

colour trends for 2017Island paradise, primrose yellow and flame adorn the family picture.

colour trends for 2017Kale for the Indian touch highlighted with primrose yellow and flame-coloured 3D flowers.


Lapis blue and niagara shoes jazz up this fashionable outfit (see main pic).

colour trends for 2017Island paradise on the ears and Greenery with these Prada glares are “oh! so this season!”

Perfect selfie look for this summer.

colour trends for 2017Trending FOOD

colour trends for 2017What could be more apt for this season?

colour trends for 2017Let the kiddie birthdays also be a treat for the eyes.

Trending MAKEUP

colour trends for 2017Gel polished nails keep the colour trends in check.

Trending DECOR

colour trends for 2017                     The perfect GREEN set up.

Hope we helped you get a sneak peek into what the summer has in store for the fashionista in you. May you have a green, healthy, refreshing summer starting now, with a chilled white wine green apple sangria 😋😜

(All pics courtesy Nimarta Chandok Bindra)

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