Happy 365 to you!

Well 366 if you count that 2016 is going to be a year with an extra day!

And what will you do with it?

….go for yet another exotic holiday

….buy another cool, limited edition only gadget

….instagram the event along with your pout perfect, contour cheeked friends?

….bill the maximum hours possible to the client at work

….quit your job and join the start up race

….flood Facebook with quotes, pictures, links, #hashtags?

….sit at home and brood about why nothing ever works

….decide to embrace fitness and run the marathon 

….jump on the 100 book, 100 picture, 100 saree or 100 something else challenge?

….sign up for a noble cause/ petition/ poll that’ll get you a freebie

….start learning origami from videos on YouTube?

….do something massively creative with the kids – like maybe take them to a park!

….learn how to drive/swim/cut your own hair

….start taking Mandarin/Arabic/Vietnamese lessons – language not cooking 😉

….ah well – start cooking – maybe exotic Botswanian cuisine with hard to find ingredients

….or maybe start growing your own ingredients in your kitchen/balcony garden

….how poetic! may write some poetry..haiku..or do more sudoku

….energise the brain – meditate more 

….sign up for a trip to Mars

….spend less time with screens 

….rediscover your family



That’s for you to know – and only you to find out!

A new year resolution list may not be as redundant as we all may think. If even the thought of one extra day can be so exciting – why not treat every day as an opportunity to try something new? That’s just a thought. Mumbai Mom is not one to preach, but hey – have yourself a happy New New Year or same Ol New Year – your pick 😉 No pressure! 
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Nidhi studied Psychology and Management and worked as a Researcher but is currently interning as a Parent to a Pre-teen and a Pre-schooler. After spluttering around the web as a Writer and Blogger for a decade, she founded Mumbai Mom – a website dedicated to the Person behind the Parent.