Mumbai Mom MEETS @ Title Waves with Author Kiran Manral

Mumbai Mom MEETS

We are very excited to launch our monthly Mumbai Mom MEETS platform at Title Waves in Bandra.

They (Children) are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you ~Khalil Gibran


Parenting brings with it a heart-warming, soul-affirming closeness to another human being like none other but at the same time the challenges that arise can become overwhelming. At the beginning are the emotional changes that take place in a child, and as the child progresses in age he reaches a point called *shudder shudder* puberty. Adolescents and their dramas, who hasn’t heard of them?

Mumbai Mom MEETSI stared at the little mewling ball of flesh kept gently next to me, the side of me that wasn’t attached by intravenous needle to drip.  Just then, he scrunched up his face or the crumpled, wizened red squashed thing that was his face then and opened his eyes to look at me. Grey eyes. I froze. I imagined the spouse dashing off paternity suits and shaking an irate fist at me. Such lovely grey eyes and thick curling lashes. The newly minted maternal heart, it completely melted into mush, the oxytocin I know now, that had kicked in, and how. I would fight tigers barehanded, climb down cliffs, throw myself in the path of a speeding, and even do calculus again if I needed to, for this child ~ Karmic Kids

So we are very happy to have with us, for our very first Mumbai Mom MEETS, well-known author (six books published) Kiran Manral. Two of her books, Karmic Kids and A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up give us interesting insights into the travails and joys of being a parent.

Kiran is one of the first and most celebrated ‘mommy bloggers’ from India and you can be sure she’s got a good grip on the art and craft of parenting (with a few hyperventilating episodes thrown in, of course).

Mumbai Mom MEETSBlame it all on puberty.  

What’s that, you ask?
Puberty is a phase your body goes through, starting at around ten years for most boys and finishing by the time you are fifteen or sixteen.
In puberty you’re moving through two stages. The first is from child to adolescent and the second is from adolescent to adult. Is it any wonder that things seem so confusing and you cant even seem to recognize yourself in the mirror some mornings ~ A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up                                     
Who better than Kiran Manral then, to have a discussion on parenting matters, as well as a reading of a few excerpts from those books?

So, join us, all ye parents, at Title Waves in Bandra, on Tuesday, 9th August, 11am onwards.

Mumbai Mom MEETS is our version of Chai pe Charcha, done better – So Come.

Please note: Entry is free but registration is mandatory. Pls click HERE to register.