The Little people run the show here – welcome to Kidzania!


Disney, Universal, Magic Kingdom, Essel World…these are all theme parks. Intense if somewhat inane rides, movie characters and lots of special effects is what makes them special. Kidzania however, is none of the above. The concept behind Kidzania is simple yet powerful : Role Play.

Role playing has long been known to be a powerful learning mechanism that helps in the cognitive and social development of the child. Not just that, pretend play also helps give children a creative outlet for their emotions and feelings. Most of us have seen our children getting lost in the world of role play be it ‘teacher-teacher’ or ‘Mama-baby’ or ‘bus driver-conductor’ or ‘Pilot’…oh, the possibilities!

Role Play @ Kidzania

And then in comes Kidzania – an authentic, scaled to suit children, completely working city which has endless options of role play. The city that is Kidzania has a grocer, bank, newspaper office, hairdresser (both for men and women), chocolate factory, courier delivery, TV editing room, window cleaners, construction site, hospital, fire station and even a dabbawalla service! And then a lot lot more. 

Authentic, scaled to suit children, completely working city with endless options of role play

A visit to Kidzania can make even an adult want to role play. And that is what discovered when I went to Kidzania with my 7 year daughter, last weekend. Unfortunately, adults are not allowed (and rightly so) inside the main activity areas – which are strictly kids only. I could look in though – and it looked like a LOT of fun! And there was so much to do and so much to learn. And I am happy to report that all the sites within Kidzania are impeccably clean, hygienic and built with the utmost attention to detail. There is a Parent’s area too, which, errmm – is Parent’s only 🙂 And enough food and cafeterias around to keep you well nourished for the length of your trip.

Have I enticed you enough to pay Kidzania a visit, the next time you are in Mumbai? Or did you need any enticement at all 🙂 

Disclosure : This post is a part of the KidZania bloggers meet activity conducted by BlogAdda and KidZania