International Women’s Day: Feed your body and soul at MumbaiMom’s Tribal Lunch Date

MumbaiMom's Tribal Lunch Date

Come, celebrate Happiness with your families on International Women’s Day this year. Bring them with you to feed body and soul at MumbaiMom’s Tribal Lunch Date. Forget mall culture for the day and get down to the grass-roots. Join us as we support this wonderful venture by WWWH Charitable Foundation for the welfare of the tribal women living in the Aarey Village in Mumbai.

This is going to be a fun event for sure because this is what Rachana Gupta(Happiness Ambassador for this event and one of our favourite MM writers) experienced on her first Tribal Lunch Date at Khambacha Pada in Aarey Milk Colony in Goregaon.

You can sign up for the lunch date here:

Over to Rachana Gupta:

Last month, on a bright Sunday afternoon, along with a dear friend, I had the opportunity to attend a sumptuous tribal lunch in one of the cozy, little padhas(padha means a cluster of homes)nestled deep inside the lush green Aarey Milk Colony in  Goregaon.

The tribal lunch is organized by WWH Charitable Foundation, a trust that is established to carry out various activities for villages by uplifting them and bringing them closer to mainstream population. The lunch is a part of the tribal women empowerment program and it is one of the best experiences I have enjoyed in recent times.

Staying in Mumbai, a concrete jungle, one often seeks places and activities that can take one away from the hustle-bustle and let one enjoy the basic pleasures of life to the fullest. The venue for the lunch was Devipadha, a cluster of about 25-30 homes, deep inside Aarey and the excitement was already building up as we started approaching the venue. We had to walk up a hill about half a kilometer to reach the actual spot and it’s a nice, short hike that gets one all geared up for what’s coming ahead.

Eat Play Learn Shop

Once we reached the venue, we were served a chilled, refreshing drink Kokum Sharbat that was an instant energy booster and then we spent some time at the local flea market. Organic produce of excellent quality was being sold at the market and my friend and I were happy to indulge in some retail therapy right at the beginning.

The women were selling organic lemon grass, tea leaves, a whole range of home-made food items, Warli frames, handbags, all indigenously manufactured by the womenfolk.

We were a group of 50 people and all of us then headed for a 30 minute village tour. It was great fun to walk across the village homes that were beautifully painted and had an earthy, rustic feeling which was still intact. One almost felt one was in a serene village scene that is the hallmark of rural India.

But everything is not as hunky-dory as it looks. These villagers live in difficult conditions and are constantly in fear of being attacked by wild animals, mainly leopards, and have to be on their guard all the time. In spite of such challenges, they are inherently happy people and always smiling and excited to welcome all the guests lovingly.

Post the village tour, there was an interesting and informative session on Bee venom therapy conducted by one of the guests, a doctor and a super-specialist by profession, who spoke at length on this topic. It was very heartening to see the kind of work being done by the villagers towards conservation of our natural resources and the efforts put in by them to keep the padhas in Aarey green and clean.

Once the session concluded, we were completely ready to enjoy a large and sumptuous spread laid out for the guests. The food ingredients are all sourced locally and is cooked collectively by the village women. The food, with its burst of local organic flavours, was extremely tasty and healthy and eating out in an open space further enhanced the overall feel. Post lunch, there were some more activities lined up that one could opt for – a tour of the butterfly farm, a crash course on  Warli painting and a guided tour of the bread factory .

Overall, the tribal lunch is a must-do experience for everyone and is very therapeutic to meet these villagers , interact with them and see how they live so happily under difficult circumstances.”

Make this International Women’s Day special for yourself and your family. Celebrate together and also bring joy to others (as proceeds from this lunch will go towards the welfare of the women of this tribal village).

In a nutshell, here’s what MumbaiMom’s Tribal Lunch Date on Sunday, the 12th of March will look like:

Womens Day @ Aarey
11.30: Reporting time and Flea Market Browsing
12.00 to 1.00 pm: Village Walkabout
1  to 2 pm: Tribal lunch
2 to 3 pm: Warli art class, flea browsing, mehendi, tribal spa. games
3 to 4.30pm: Bus tour of Aarey, with a visit to any one of the following-
                bread factory/bee farm/ veggie farm.
Book your seats here (Pre-booking is a must):


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